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Oracle Health Sciences Implementation and Support Solutions

OLS One-Step Solution


Through our global presence, we are able to offer a OLS application deployment with a savings up to 70% off the normal deployment time for new OLS implementations. You will also save up to 50% off the hardware costs of a new OLS deployment.

By leveraging DBMS’ OLS One-Step Solution, you receive a rock-solid audited validated solution with Development, Validation and Production environments. A rack mounted enterprise hardware set with preloaded, pre-tested and preconfigured Oracle Clinical and Thesaurus Management System components can be delivered to your facility in 3 weeks. Training can be conducted on-site or on-line to fit your needs.

We match your commitment to excellence with a dedication to delivering World Class Service and an OPA delivered application service with:

  • Complete Validation with Documentation and evidence
  • Rapid Deployment
  • SOP and Work Instruction templates ready to be modified
  • 100% Turnkey Solution
  • Single Vendor Responsibility and Contact
  • Complete OPA and OS Licensing
  • Our solution will accommodate 5 users for under $200,000