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Oracle Health Sciences Implementation and Support Solutions

Siro Clinpharm Pvt. Ltd.

"We are extremely happy with the way DBMS Consulting has implemented the OHSA for SIRO. Their competitiveness comes from the teams domain expertise, flexibility in delivery and price effectiveness. Our continuation of a 3 year OHS support contract is an endorsement of DBMS Consulting's global implementation and support capabilities."

Dr. Ajit M Nair
President for SIRO's India Operations
Siro Clinpharm Pvt. Ltd.

RTRN Data Technology Coordinating Center

"Over the past year, DBMS Consulting has served as an invaluable strategic partner in the formation of the RCMI Translational Research Network's Data Technology Coordinating Center (DTCC) providing advice, support and direction in the deployment and validation of our infrastructure build of Oracle Clinical System. Our staff appreciates the personalized training in using the Oracle Clinical System that was provided by Sunil Singh and his team; otherwise, we would have faced signficant challenges. It has been a pleasure working with DBMS and we look forward to collaborating on future projects."

Omar Aldaoud
Director of Information Security and Technology Integration
RTRN Data Technology Coordinating Center

Partnership with Database Management Systems (DBMS)

"DBMS consulting Inc.. being the implementing leaders for Oracle Health Sciences Applications would be serving for onsite and offsite installation and configuration of OC/TMS/RDC/AERS/Siebel CTMS on all platforms, onsite and remote global support, customer specific customizations and integration components, full validation services ,IQ/OQ/PQ test cases, implementations including replication and citrix access, legacy dictionary pre-loading and fast loading into TMS and also development and implementation of any autocoding algorithm, customized functional training using customer documents for the above mentioned tools" "PPCE is happy to utilize the DBMS services for implementation, support and end user training of CDMS tool from Oracle Health Sciences Applications".

JKhushnoor Dastoor
Executive Director
Phoenix Progressive Certifications Enterprise (PPCE) Pvt. Ltd.