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  <p>Oracle RDC 4.6 running in Simplified Chinese</p>

Oracle RDC 4.6 running in Simplified Chinese

Oracle RDC 4.6 running in Simplified Chinese...

DBMS Consulting presents a unique, proprietary and 21 CFR Part 11 VALIDATED customization allowing the use of Simplified Chinese in Oracle's Remote Data Capture 4.6, as a leading enterprise ready solution for electronic data capture used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world for electronic trial conduct at a cost of ONLY 200 RMB per user per month, plus license and setup costs. For more information, please contact Dr. Letian Liu at +86-134-0212-4879 or send email to

迪必美斯软件公司向您呈现基于甲骨文远程电子临床数据采集系统上自主开发的。经过21 CFR 第11章节验证的,简体中文应用系统。甲骨文远程电子临床数据采集系统是被多家国际大药厂采用的全球领先的临床数据采集系统。 迪必美斯软件公司的中文化解决方案使此系统更具拓展性。本中文解决方案费用只有每用户每月200人民币,加执照和初始安装费用。如您需要更多信息,请联系刘乐天博士,电话+86-134-0212-4879. 或发电子邮件至

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